Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yet another hit from the future: HAL maintainance module is called ALIS


In Space Odyssey 2010 Kubrick and Clarke envisioned start year 2006, and HAL that command the mission towards the Jupiter. Strikingly, we have VR mission on Earth staring in 2006 , the ship number is  F35 , and its operation module is called Allice, small module that David Bowman can change to recover the mission, and the mission driving force HAL  is a container room full of rack monoliths ! The F-35 and her sophisticated helmet is run by a computer named “ALIS.” ALIS integrates a broad range of capabilities including operations, maintenance, prognostics, supply chain, customer support services, training and technical data. A single, secure information environment provides users with up-to-date information on any of these areas using web-enabled applications on a distributed network.
Seems software remains the program’s number 1 risk, with an even larger number of lines of code around the aircraft – about 12 million – than within it (about 9 million, though a Product Support Manager later tells us that the total has grown towards 26 million lines of code).
Reuters reports that ALIS is at 94% of final capability, but a changing computing landscape has bitten it. A Navy “Red Team” hacked into the ALIS system. ALIS reportedly includes both classified and unclassified data streams, and the 2001 specifications didn’t require separating them to prevent intrusions. Lt. Gen Christopher Bogdan, the military officer in charge of the F-35 program, added, "Long gone is the time when we're going to pay for mistake after mistake after mistake."

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Kubrick had seen it in 1964,  50 years ago ! COMPUTER VR SIMULATION is used instead , and you don't need 9 years waiting to arrive at Jupiter in 2015 !

HAAAAL, please let me in !

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