Monday, March 24, 2014

Fire have crashed Boeing flight MH 370 !

 Fire on pilot's oxygen mask ! In pilot cabin ! That is why the pilot turned back sharply toward the Langkawi airport for emergency landing. AND WHY airplane communications went down. ANd why someone reprogrammed flight to run airplane without anyone in cabin. And why it went from 35 000 down to 12 000 feet. An why nobody was saved from explosive decompression !
Examination of the aircraft determined that the cockpit was extensively damaged, and two holes were burned through the aircraft external skin just below the First Officer’s window. In addition, smoke damage occurred throughout the aircraft, and heat damage was found on overhead structures well aft of the cockpit. 

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: The same case as in Cairo cabin fire on the same 777 model.
 This horror never happened in human history and victims deserve this shocking EXPLANATION.
 Not to be repeated ever again!

Boeing is working (since October 2012) to finalize a Service Bulletin that is designed to inspect for and eliminate potential electrical faults around the crew oxygen system lines and hoses.

Alas, seems too late for flight MH 370. 
In addition, raw data from another radar site indicated that the 777 may have climbed to an altitude above the airplane's certified ceiling and then quickly descended and climbed again. And now the most recent assertion has the airplane descending to 12,000 feet. If in fact the airplane descended to 12,000 feet, its fuel consumption would have been almost double that at the higher altitudes. In that regard, how did the airplane fly so far south into the Indian Ocean, as has now been announced emphatically by the Malaysian Prime Minister?As you can see above wreckage simply can't be at south where the search is because airplane simply hadn't enough fuel to reach there. Beside the fact that IT WAS INVINCIBLE FOR INDIONESIA MILITARY RADARS. And why should anyone including hijacker, drive the airplane so long to nowhere ? Relatives have right to know. They have right to know about possible fatal fire in airplane cargo department because flight 370 carried Li Ion  batteries, kind of transport that is forbidden in the US since 2004. That batteries can cause fire not to be extinquished with  current  airplane halon systems but only with anti flame boxes !! That is why we possibly will never find the wreckage.

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