Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ping trace: Flight MH 370 never turned westward

Ping and radar data are not consistent. That means radar data are fake or ping data are fake. Or both. In that case airplane had fuel for more than thousand km south more. That was the first location searched. But if found nothing than even less will be found these days.

Therefore, the logical stream of events would assume that at IGARI point , they both agreed to disable the transponders, ADB, and ACARS to data mask (other than the black box) their unapproved higher 43 000 feet flight level. This is the only logical way you get the ACARS not being damaged, but turned off without damaging the FMC and keeping engine management going.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Then at 43 000 feet operating ceiling explosive decompression happened. Airplane turned back south and continued. That is a clear sign of problem on board.  The plunged to 12 000 feet to get some oxygen.  But why they didn't switch ON radio and immediately declared EMERGENCY landing ? Well, after decompression  all comms were possible damaged, except satellite pings. The airplane went south with all dead on airplane. That's all we will ever know. Except that Malaysia airlines intentioanally killed the people looking for fuel profits. Or one engine failed and decompression after that engine stroke and the airplane turned right.

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