Sunday, March 23, 2014

SPYegel: NSA Stole Huawei's Source Code

According to a top secret NSA presentation, NSA workers not only succeeded in accessing the email archive, but also the secret source code of individual Huwaei products. Software source code is the holy grail of computer companies.
“Many of our targets communicate over Huawei-produced products,’’ the NSA document said. “We want to make sure that we know how to exploit these products,” it added, togain access to networks of interest” around the world.
The agency pried its way into the servers in Huawei’s sealed headquarters in Shenzhen, China’s industrial heart, according to NSA documents provided by former contractor Edward J. Snowden. It obtained information about the workings of the giant routers and complex digital switches that Huawei boasts connect one-third of the world’s population .
One of the goals of the operation, code-named “Shotgiant,” was to find any links between Huawai and the People’s Liberation Army, one 2010 document made clear. But the plans went further: to exploit Huawai’s technology so that when the company sells equipment to other countries — including both allies and nations that avoid buying US products — the NSA can roam their computer and phone networks to conduct surveillance and, if ordered by the president, offensive cyberoperations.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: What to do with Huawei's telecom backbone control code ? He, he, to identyfy their weaks and SIGINT holes. Huawei is this year one of the world's 5 top telecom equipment manufacturers.

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