Friday, March 28, 2014

What was carefully censored in articles on flight MH 370

The test plane had been flying north of Seattle at 43,000 feet—the upper limit of its flight envelope—when it suffered a rapid decompression. The pilot had to make an extremely fast dive to get down to 10,000 feet, where the pressure of air in the cabin begins to become equalized with the pressure outside. Deprived of oxygen by the decompression, the flight test crew had to grab for oxygen masks. Four were not able to do so in time and were rushed to hospital for hyperbaric chamber treatment—as are divers who suffer the “bends” for decompression sickness.
The cause of both failures was traced to air conditioning packs in the belly of the 777. Hot compressed air “bled” from the engines goes through these packs to cool it before it flows on into the cabin. A relatively simple valve in the packs, supposed to stop leaks, had broken open and released pressurized air from the cabin into the outer atmosphere in an explosive surge.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Boeing 777 is tween engine that fly over wast ocean ! Maleysian 777 hit too upper flight limit of 43 000 feet and had fast dive to 12 000 feet. That means only one: EXPLOSIVE decompression that already happened !

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