Thursday, April 03, 2014

Apple's sexy 64bit A7: Why lenght matters not only in sex

"Apple's A7 can process six instructions per clock cycle, the same as Intel's Ivy Bridge chips found in previous-generation Apple laptops and twice the capacity of the A6," AppleInsider explained.
There is however a difference between A7 Air Book PAd version and Iphone version in some 20%  performanse after lower number of execution units. That means probably 5 instructions per second.

You can see the iPhone 5s throttles back its CPU frequency to about 1GHz after the 2 minute mark. The crazy thing is that until that point the 5s manages to run at full frequency without so much as a hiccup for two full minutes, running an incredibly power hungry task. Given that most iOS apps aren’t this power intensive for such a sustained period of time, iPhone 5s users should almost always see the A7 running at a full 1.3GHz. Pretty crazy. That is close to 2,6 Ghz desktop 32 bit processor.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Double wider word and  doubled number of  instructions per cycle. Inieders call it desktop class processor and in some aspects even to Haswell. Anyway, billion transistors are inside.

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