Sunday, April 20, 2014

ETOPS range on MH 370 flight

 The single-engine speeds for the aircraft listed in the menu came fromthe following sources:  
Boeing 777 (410 kts): Estimated based on Boeing 757 speed.
One knot is 1.852 kilometers per hour.  So 410 x 1.852 = 759.32 km/h. 
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  Place where are the supposed remnants of flight MH370  is excluded ETOPS flight zone for MH 370. Pilots should know that. Or the remnants are NOT THERE at all.
Why out of ETOPS range is not obligatory to be alarmed by Inmarsat, without any legal possibility to avoid that ?

One engine failure and  Boeing 777 can no fly faster than 760 km/h.
The 777 fleet has flown more than 2 million ETOPS flights since its debut in June 1995. Fifty-three 777 operators fly more than 22,000 ETOPS flights per month in 2012. 

Debbie Heathers

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