Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hot entertainment: Boeing 747 catched fire (again)

Staff on the flight to Heathrow from Dallas/Fort Worth with 274 passengers on board smelt an “acrid, electrical burning smell” about two hours from London

Last year frightened passengers on board a British Airways flight told how they heard their pilot making a Mayday distress call 36,000ft above the Atlantic on November 14
The captain radioed for help when smoke filled the cockpit of the Boeing 777 plane carrying 220 passengers - and accidentally turned on the public address system. 
After putting on oxygen masks the crew immediately contacted air traffic control. They switched on the cabin address system, and the start of their Mayday call was heard by passengers.
Passengers were told there had been an electrical fault. It is believed the smoke was caused by a fan in the cockpit which overheated.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Fire after two hours ! Malaysian airlines could catch it in 20 minutes. Imagine driving airplane with only one working engine trying to return home
in complete darkness, and you are in MH 370. What if closed engine had on power generator ? Then even your radio will not funtion.

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