Friday, April 04, 2014

Latest on MH 370 crash: All were lies

Why hijackers don't like long range airplanes with 2 engines?
Because they crash frequently ! Say flight 447 regardless, of manufacturer !

No any radar contacts, no any turn westwards and no any confident ping from the missing airplane. Airplane plunged steeply into the sea not far from last ACAR contact point. Say 8 minutes after. That is why no one air control ever got it again, because up to 10 minutes MH 370 was in no man's land.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Is it likely that disaster strike in just those 10 minutes ?, is the only remaining plausible question. Well, the answer is up to you. However odd fact is that two engine airplane on picture above,  flyes at all OVER THE SEA. As you know with the engines below the wingd there is no chance of water landing. BY NIGHT IN THIS CASE, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. The only security for its passengers is that those TWO engines never fail. BUT EXCEPT PERPETUUM MOBILE DO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER MACHINE THAT NEVER FAILS ? And  Boeing 777 1000 airplanes  have been in flight every day for 20 years, so is it now enough for one to fail ? Yes it is. Airplane itself is worth $260 Million.

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