Wednesday, April 09, 2014

MH 370 flight cover : How Inmarsat detected pings at the places even don't get covered with satellite beams ??

Light blue are uncovered areas for IOR satellite that allegedly handshaked MH370, pinged hours later !! after its disappearance ! However another Inmarsat satellite,  from east could track it, but obviously it wasn't, because its area of coverage was never searched !! PROBABLY NO ONE SATELLITE HASN'T IT EVER DETECTED ! Search area was at Perth Inmarsat beam area IOR 17 thou the same pings can be too from IOR 13 and IOR 14 NONOPERATIONAL Inmarsat beams  !! HOWEVER to reach IOR 17 MH 370 should be previously detected by IOR 15 and IOR 16 BEAMS , BUT IT HAS BEN NEVER !. Thus, PERTH PINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE AND FAKE !HERE BELOW IN RED DOTTED LINES IS POSSIBLE AREA OF LAST PING. AND CRASH SITE:

Last irregular ping happened when MH370 missed Cocos (Keeling) island !

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