Friday, April 18, 2014

Who is anonymous Heartbleed informer ?

The 2-year-old bug is thought to have affected nearly two-thirds of the Web. If attackers were aware of the bug, which is still unclear, they could have stolen a frightening number of users’ login information from sites ranging from social networks to financial institutions.
Friday, March 21 or before - Neel Mehta of Google Security discovers Heartbleed vulnerability.
Friday, March 21 10.23 -  Bodo Moeller and Adam Langley of Google commit a patch for the flaw (This is according to the timestamp on the patch file Google created and later sent to OpenSSL, which OpenSSL forwarded to Red Hat and others). The patch is then progressively applied to Google services/servers across the globe.
 99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Here are some new security kids on the block. 
Snowden used TAILS.

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