Saturday, July 12, 2014

Windows Server 2003 still lacks critical security features !!

Windows Server 2003 lacks critical security features and is near the end of it's extended support lifecycle
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However, NSA now believes that for Wi ndows Server 2003, the default file and regi stry ACL s are gen erally suffici ent giv en the following assumptions: ƒ Within  Group Policy or Local Secu rity Policy, the “ Network acess : Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users” security option is set to be Disabled .
The Microso ft Windows Server 2003 guide’s discussion on “Securing the File System,” lists optional security permissions for executables located primarily within the %System Root%\system 32 dire ctory, stating that these permissions should be set only if the  above-mentioned option is n o t configured . However, NSA recommends setting these permissions regardless .

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