Tuesday, December 09, 2014

TSMC to Use EUV for 7nm, Says ASML

“The EUV scanners are for 10 nanometers,” said ASML executive vice president Frits van Hout in an interview on the sidelines of a TSMC event on Dec. 4. “They’re going to use them to prepare for production in 7 nanometers.”
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: TSMC to use ArF immersion lithography all the way down to 10 nm feature sizes. EUVL for the finest details in first step because EUVL still  has no more than 40 Wafer per hour trough-output.

Also, TSMC plans to employ its EUV lithography technology for some layers in the 10nm or 7nm generation if technology development proceeds smoothly. The schedule for the trial production with the 7nm process has not been determined yet. But it is expected to start in 2018 according to Moore's Law.

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