Monday, May 25, 2015

Intel's Purley server based on Skylake in 2017

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Knights Hill obviously in 2018. However, Groveport KNL will have integrated 2x100G OP Storm Lake fabric generation 1 ( generation 2 follows in Knights Hill ) . Purley server will support only 1x100G fabric you can see on a pic above. And new UPI instead of QPI. Why ? Well, recent Altera purchase wasn't money wasting. Altera FPGA chip close to SKL might use it ! You want IB connect, FPGA switch mode. Now, I want ethernet, ALtera  switch again. Even flash DIMMs aren't excluded. A lot of new, exciting oportunities.

By integrating the FPGA with the Xeon processor, we estimate that customers will see an additional 2X in performance thanks to the low latency, coherent UPI interface.
Facebook, Google and NSA too would like it. Intel already manufatures special server versions for them.

Oh by the way, OP means Optical-PCI (made by Fujitsu, Quanta) , and LBG? Larabee graphics! Groveport Platform is from official Intel revision 15.7.2014.
  Knights Landing Processor BWG (545121-545122)
  Knights Landing Processor EDS (546888) 1.0
  Knights Landing Processor SR (557300)

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