Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Debris of missing MH370 airplane found

Debris Shows MH370 Didn’t Nose Dive

The piece recovered on Réunion would’ve been destroyed in a high-speed crash, a source close to the Boeing 777 program says.
 “It looks like the jet went into the water in a gliding/ditching attitude, because otherwise this wing component would have likely been completely destroyed.”That means the plane was a ‘zombie’ when it finally went down.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Some 5000 km from Australia shores. It fell when left without fuel. Previsously has been seen by Maldivi fishermen, marked at the map above with a red sign. On a flight path apsolutely consistent with last radar screening. Or, some 700 km before Diago Garsia naval base. Both versions are easy testable. Instead, someone suddenly found pings close at the Australia shores. But, intuition tells us that airplane have to fall alone ! Well, there are some cases of gentle autolanding.

After the pilot ejection, the aircraft recovered from the spin on its own, and established a wings level low rate descent under reduced power to the ground. Ground effect broke its rate of descent, and it settled into a
near-perfect gentle belly landing in a farmer's snow-covered cornfield.

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