Tuesday, July 14, 2015

HAL, open that bloody doors ! NOW

Sixty-five THOUSAND Range Rovers recalled over door software glitchYes, door software. Like on the Heart of Gold, presumably.
The affected vehicles were manufactured with doors that can remain unlatched with the door is in the “closed” position, without any indication to the driver that a latch is not secure.
It is believed that a handheld "black box" was being used by some gangs to unlock and start cars that had keyless ignition systems.
Some newspapers reported that insurers were unwilling to extend cover to Range Rover owners unless they could park in secure, off-street car parks.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: What about Space Odyssey 2001, though from one lesser known British writer Arthur Clarke ? And his machine intelligence character HAL 9000 ? Luckily, Rovers doesn't have HAL control unit (yet) to blame for all.

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