Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Intel's first 10 nm chip is Ice Lake in 2017

Intel’s first 10nm central processing units will be code-named “Ice Lake” and will be available only in 2017. Moreover, “Ice Lake” CPUs will re-introduce fully-integrated voltage regulator (FIVR). This allows the SoC to reduce the voltage during relatively short time periods, i.e. ~200 cycles while waiting for a L2 cache miss to return, or boost the voltage to speedup the execution of critical sections.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: There is some doubt that even Ice Lake chip is a 14 nm based Morphcore architecture. That will finally go back to FIVR. Do we have in 2016 architecture and clock flashback that we have had in 2006 ? AND NOBODY HAD HAD EVEN SLIGHTEST IDEA. But we know that FIVR is able to independently scale voltage to each core. Including GPU ! If in addition each core can in flight MORPH to power conscious mode, that would rock real world processor power consumption. That is why Skylake doesn't have FIVR. To hide MORPH underlaying architecture, until  Win 10 get serious device driver support. Beside 10nm process should have lower voltage or on the contrary it is hardly new process at all !

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