Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Micron And Intel Partner On New Fast Non Volatile Technology 3D XPoint

3D XPoint is in production now and is the first new category of memory introduced in over 25 years.
Probably low cost design in 2016 and performance design in 2018, leaked roadmaps suggest.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: But, unfortunately it is still not quite as fast as RAM, and some - but not all - applications need the extra speed the older tech provides. And don't forget distinction : DRAM and Xpoint are cell adressable, but NAND is only block, so it is slower, depending on block size. But, without transistor cell drive, 8 times denser than DRAM USING  VERTICAL FAST SCHOTTKY DIODE as a control device. THOUGH INEVITABLY SAY 10 TIMES SLOWER. But, the best performance oriented XPoint designs  are able to switch in 70-140ns. That is wow, compared to 30ns cycle time of DDR4.
Now, lets see an industrial standard. In 2016 however don't expect product read able faster than 600 ns.

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