Monday, August 24, 2015

After MH370 case we have identical disappearance Intel's BRW EP/EX

The heterogeneous memory management (hmm) patchset implement a new api that sit on top of the mmu notifier api. It provides a simple api to device driver to mirror a process address space without having to lock or take reference on page and block them from being reclam or migrated. Any changes on a process address space is mirrored to the device page table by the hmm code. To achieve this not only we need each driver to implement a set of callback functions but hmm also interface itself in many key location of the mm code and fs code. Moreover hmm allow to migrate range of memory to the device remote memory to take advantages of its lower latency and higher bandwidth.

Some of our internal sources told us that the Enterprise declination of Broadwell architecture is recently disappeared from the latest Intel roadmaps. The Enterprise CPUs will go directly from Haswell to Skylake. ??
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: At IDF 2015 Intel CEO hinted Broadwell EP/EX will use XPoint DRAM4. Well, that seems quite justified reason for its roadmap disappearance on Lunedì, 13 Luglio 2015 10:01.

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