Sunday, August 09, 2015

Definitely, no both scenarios for MH 370 !

Update: according to aviation sources, MH370's climb to 45,000 feet (well above its designed ceiling) would have probably required reducing weight by dumping fuel. This calls the accuracy of this altitude data into question.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: At 15 km altitude, with on board fuel for no less than 4400 km flight ?? NO ! It is however possible with previous fuel dumping, but there was no Mayday call ! Instead, good night to flight control from captain !! Then somebody lied on tehnical data, and it is really monstrous !.
Beside, satellite who caputered alleged later pings is directly above Diego Garcia naval base. They must be direct sat link connected !! Hail could brake airplane window that urged pilot to turn flight back to protect his CABIN !  RApid decompression should force him for steep down maneuvre and no respond to controll calls. Hail could disable ACAR and transporders too ! Anyway, the pilot had enough time to enable autopilot.

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