Sunday, August 23, 2015

If math and physics don't lie MH 370 is here

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: 4819 km east from Diego Garcia island, just under the Inmar satelite. And 1000 km east from the last MH370 contact place. But wait, what about Maleysian radar seeings? They lied. What about Reunion MH370 flaperon ? Fake evidence. “If this had been the case with the MH370, one would expect much smaller debris than a flaperon,” said the expert. According to a Toulouse aeronautics expert who requested anonymity, the element of the wing would not have floated for several months at the water’s surface but would have drifted underwater a few meters deep.
Who responded to Vietnam flight control call ? Another plane that later landed on maleysian airport at pic above. But remember, both can't be right: Maleysian authorities and Inmarsat. Then chose your version yourself. Or check this airplane parking at South Kalimantan at distance 4819 km from Inmarsat projection. To get there you have distinct Doppler shift only south flying airplane get. Malayasian radar findings was nice distraction in just opposite direction.

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