Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Intel's Optane drive bested its top NAND based SSD 5X !

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: OK. After recent 1000X XPoint announcement we got more realistic 5X demo at queue depth of 8 ! And max 7X more performance at queue depth 1 ! We can clearly see from pic above that max peformance  improvement at time of drive production is 10X, and with average queue depth 8 mere 7X ! And what about announced 1000X improvement? Well, in time with technology scaling. I am only joking. Partner Micron promised in 2017 faster EM gen 1. Is it Xpoint too ? Who knows?. Well, lets try find out. Intel will initially offer slower PCM based NVM, that is exposed on pictures above. Is it Xpoint ? Hardly, being too expensive to be competitive with 3D NAND. However, if Intel's marketing 3D calls Xpoint it is quite another matter :)) Intel hint on bulk storage make this breaktrough actually years known technology that Micron quit a few years ago. Or if  the hint is fake, next to Bulk Transition solution, Tunnel Barrier. Filamentary ReRAM is anyway excluded.

HINT on Tunnel Barrier use is the sole name of technology: OPTANE !

However Purley server 2017 leak shows us support for Adams Pass memory interface 500X faster NVM. Well, that might be only XPoint and nothing else. There are two NVM technologies, for 2016 and 2017. 2016 one will compete with NAND, the 2017 one with volume DRAM4.  Briefly, byte addressable Xpoint 2017 will be 100 times faster than NVM delivered next year in two successions.

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