Friday, August 07, 2015

OTH radar at Diego Garcia able to detect small airplane at 3000 km distance

Well, if it is installed at all.  Here is what IS INSTALLED AT DIEGO GARCIA:
The GEODSS system can track objects as small as a basketball more than 20,000 miles away and is a vital part of the AFSPC's space surveillance network. Please note it is plascd South of Equator  in the West prevailing ocean currents ! Countervise to those North of Equator.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Somalija, MAdagascar, Reunion, JEmen, Mumbai in India, Indonesia western part, Cocos Island that belongs to Australia are in OTH RANGE. OTH means Over The Horizon.
SCHOCKA: No one could unrecognised get closer to Diego Garcia than 400 km !. Because of SPS 49 air radar (inside red range circle in a distance map above).

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