Friday, August 21, 2015

Update on Intel's Xpoint: HDD is dead in 10 years !

Thin film PCMS as the initial option has one drawback Intel kept well hidden at announcement. It has SET time 10 times slower than DRAM. That means device  writing is stil 100 times faster than NAND's.
Yes, might be byte addressable and fast enough for NVDIMM
However, it is correct Intel's claim that PCMS is 1000 times more durable than NAND. Well ,100 times faster but not at least 100 times more durable should mean 100 times SHORTER writing device life span !Yes there is option for opening new blocks for writing, but inevitable complexity is with allocation table rewriting etc and overall realibility.
 In Xpoint G1 2016 we will get only 5 times better performance than NAND SSD. In G2 2016 are possible 25 better times, provided there is available so fast NVM interface!! See pic below.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: NVDIMM version 500 times faster than NAND (that Micron named EM G1) is predicted for year 2017 with Purley Xeon ( see the previous post). Anyway, since 2006 HDD has been only arhive device, as Jim Gray from Microsoft noticed. After that year we have seen enterprise flash SSD reaching mainstream maturity. That is why China just before Xpoint announcement offered hefty $23 Billion for Micron and its production facilities. 

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